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Africa’s smoothest whiskey meets Bongani?

Africa’s smoothest whiskey meets Bongani?

Last Friday, my wife surprised me with the smoothest whiskey I’ve tasted yet.

And to my surprise, she found a whiskey that’s distilled in Cape Town – the capital of South Africa.

This whiskey is called Toor Whiskey.

Unlike most whiskeys which get vaporized at high temperatures and passed through bronze or steel stills…

Toor Whiskey uses a special technique called “vacuum distilling”.

This is when the pressure inside the glass flask is reduced to purify the whiskey at colder temperatures.

Once the vacuum distilling process is complete, you’re left with a super smooth whiskey.

Toor then ages this smooth whisky in Bourbon American Oak, and finishes it in French Oak.

This final step imparts a rich, warm, amber color and the smell of elegant vanilla & roasted oak.

If you’re a fan of smooth fruity whiskey that finishes with hints of maple and earth…

Then Toor whiskey is the perfect companion for your Bongani 658 Toro.

A rich, creamy, earthy, and peppery cigar that pairs perfectly with a fruity whiskey ending in maple and earth.

Discover South Africa’s smoothest Cigar pairing:


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P.S. Bongani is not partnered or paid by Toor to promote their whiskey. I just love their whiskey. 🙂

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