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Cigar slang

Cigar slang

Have you ever heard a weird or new cigar term, one that piqued your interest or made you smile?

If not, then here are 5 new/weird cigar terms to start fun conversations.

1. Barber Pole

A barber pole is a cigar with 2 different wrappers intertwined all the way around the cigar, it looks like this:

This mixed wrapper alternates between a Connecticut Shade and Maduro wrapper leaf (pretty cool right?).

2. Herf

A herf is a meet-up of cigar enthusiasts who enjoy similar cigars, drinks, and hobbies.

Note: It’s not a planned social event for strangers who smoke cigars.

3. Coffin

A coffin is the box your cigar comes in.
Coffins can either be short and skinny or long and wide.

4. Nubbing

Nubbing is a term used for the way you smoke your favorite Bongani cigar.

It’s when you savor every last puff and draw until the cigar almost disappears.

5. Dog rocket

A dog rocket is a cigar that tastes SO BAD… that you must put the cigar out immediately (in polite terms).
Whether you choose to let it die on the ashtray, or toss it on the ground and stomp it to death…

A dog rocket should (and shall) never be smoked again.

If you enjoyed the email, let me know which of the 5 you already knew (or which surprised you).

Until next time,

Bongani Cigars

P.S. Nub on your next African delight here

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