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How to Properly Age a Box of Cigars

How to Properly Age a Box of Cigars

While you can order a box of cigars, pull one out, cut it, light it, and enjoy it right away, many who enjoy fine tobacco prefer to age their cigars.

Buying a box of cigars is not only economical up front – it also gives you the ability to age your cigars in bulk, deepening the value investment.

Here’s what you need to know about how to do it properly.


Why Age a Box of Cigars in the First Place?

First things first: When you can enjoy cigars in their freshest state, right after you get them, why would you want to wait several years?

Because, like so many fine things in life, tobacco, when properly stored, improves with age.

Cigars are made with blended tobaccos and are full of oil, moisture, and, in some cases, impurities that can alter the flavor. With time, these blends will shed some of these impurities and the flavor of the tobaccos can intensify – when properly aged.

Moreover, the flavors in the different tobaccos will blend into a more delicate, more balanced, and in some cases, even more complex fusion.

As for aging a whole box of cigars, aging cigars in their boxes can help regulate humidity and ensure uniformity – a good thing, since it takes months to years to properly age cigars.


How and Where to Store

Storage considerations are the primary concern when it comes to aging a box of cigars. If you don’t store them properly, not only will they not age well, but you can ruin them.

Temperature and humidity are among the two most important factors when it comes to aging cigars. You may have heard of the 70/70 rule – this implies that cigars are best stored at roughly 70℉ and at 70% humidity.

This rule of thumb is best for short-term storage while cigars are in the humidor, but for long-term storage and aging, most tobacco enthusiasts tend to go a bit lower.

For aging, a temperature in the mid to low 60s is best. Some prefer between 63℉ and 65℉, at humidity levels that correspond, between 63% and 65%. While some prefer this route, keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with aging cigars according to the 70/70 rule.

With that said, make sure you follow a humidity level and a temperature and stick with it. Allowing the temperature and humidity levels to fluctuate will cause your cigars to expand and contract. This will adversely affect the flavor and can even lead to cracked wrappers.

Maintaining the humidity and temperature is so critical that it is advisable that you place a hygrometer and thermometer in your humidor and actively monitor them. Make sure your humidor is placed in a temperature-stable location, and if necessary, modulate the humidity with a humidifier product or a reservoir. Always refill it when it is getting low.

For aging, most cigar enthusiasts choose a humidor made of high-quality wood, like Spanish red cedar, which inhibits both pests and the growth of mold, and which will naturally help moderate temperature and humidity.

Make sure the humidor you use for aging has a little bit of free space. Never fill it past 80% full. A little bit of airflow is necessary to properly age cigars.

Moreover, it’s best to store your cigars in an area where they will be mostly or entirely free of light. Direct sunlight must be avoided at all costs, as it will dry out the tobacco and can cause the wrappers to crack. It’s best to place your humidor in a cool, dry, dark place and from there regulate the temperature and humidity within.


box of cigars

Don’t Forget to Rotate

While patience is one of the key ingredients to a successfully aged box of cigars, this is not an entirely hands-off venture. You will still want to rotate your cigars within the box at least once per month. You should also at this time rotate the cigars from the bottom of the box to the top.

This will ensure that all surfaces of the wrapper are exposed to airflow and properly humidified. It will also ensure that all cigars age consistently and at the same rate.

Rotating can also help prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which will destroy the quality of your cigars – it must be prevented.


Don’t Overdo It

Last but not least, don’t age your cigars for too long. Many cigars will improve with age, but there’s a limit. There are exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, most cigars will be perfectly aged within a year to three years. Any longer than that and they’re unlikely to improve and could even start to lose flavor.


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