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Bongani 458 – Single


I am astonished at the mature, world-class quality of these cigars, since Africa is unknown to the cigar world. The tobaco blends, flavor, construction and draw rival the best premium cigars from Nicaragua. I especially like the look and feel of them: beautifully smooth wrapper, with that desirable, light oily glow.

I very much liked the attractively packaged in an up-scale “piano black” box. While I found them excellent, the real revelation was provided by the 458. They are absolutely spectacular in every way; among the very best I have ever enjoyed. They are reminiscent of the best Cuban cigars of decades ago, when they still cared. I got to thinking that a “458” the length of the Robustos would be an absolute world-beater. I love everything about them except they’re gone too soon. Maybe it’s because I tend to favor the larger ring sizes.

At any rate, congratulations! You found great tobacco, are treating it well, and have obviously found and trained a team ‎of supremely skilled rollers! Quite an accomplishment! (Review by Bob Lutz, ex CEO of Chrysler Motors and cigar aficionado).

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