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Taste of Savanna

Taste of Savanna

Have you ever experienced fresh, African Savannah air?

If you haven’t, then imagine smelling a deep, rich, earthy soil… with a subtly sweet woody aroma… and a faint peppery afternote.

This smells just like our Bongani 658 Toro, which is crowned as the “Savannah Cigar.”

So why does our Toro 658 smell like the wild Savannah?

It’s all thanks to the African soil we grow our tobacco on.

This African soil is rich in Magnesium and Potassium – two minerals that give tobacco that natural and subtle sweet flavor.

The soil is also rich in Nitrogen – which gives tobacco a deep, rich, and earthy taste.

And our year-round sun matures one of the most potent tobacco leaves on the market.

After all the tobacco is harvested, we cure our tobacco to add that bold and peppery taste.

After months of gathering and curing tobacco, we finally roll our signature Bongani 658 Toro.

Every 658 Toro is then aged in Ghanaian cedarwood to impart that signature African taste.

Since no other brand ages cigars in Ghanaian cedarwood, our 658 Toro brags a unique, creamy, and complex flavor profile.

One that tastes just like the open African Savannah fields.

Taste this African “Savannah Cigar” from the comfort of your home.

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