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Why I gave my elephant a spear

Why I gave my elephant a spear

I just got back from lunch where I met a friend of 12 years.

During our meet-up, he asked me, “So what is the meaning behind the Bongani logo? What is it holding? And what does it stand for?”

See, Kevin has been smoking my cigars for a little over a year now, but like yourself…

He doesn’t fully understand the meaning behind my logo.

So here’s a quick explanation:

When I started Bongani I wanted something that “screamed Africa” from the very first impression.

So I picked the elephant – an animal that’s deeply connected to Africa and symbolizes strength, power, and royalty.

And as a bonus, the elephant perfectly represents Bongani’s bold, earthy, luxurious cigars.

Once I selected my mascot and brand name – Bongani which means “be grateful” in Zulu

It was time to hone in on gratitude.

So I gave my elephant a Swahili spear – to hold upward in celebration.

This spear is called “Ngome” in Swahili, and it translates to “fort” or “stronghold”.

It’s used by the Mijikenda people in Kenya and is often raised during traditional celebratory rituals and dances – like weddings and harvests.

When you combine the logo with the brand name, you get the true meaning behind the logo.

Which is gratitude for Africa, its resources, and its people.

Every time you smoke Bongani cigars, you show gratitude and celebrate your achievements, friends/family, and life – the African way.

(While showing gratitude for Africa.)

So the next time Bongani comes up in a conversation, you now have something new and interesting to share.

Until next time…

Bongani Cigars

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